"I was constantly repairing cracks and divots and small areas of spalled concrete, and the other products I tried just wouldn't hold up to steel wheel carts in high traffic areas like FlexKRETE." T.C. | Syracuse Herald/TPS

"It actually exceeded the strength of the concrete with the bond. FlexKRETE's not failing, it's the concrete below that failed." ~ Dan C. | Independent Field Test

"I've used and witnessed the durability and performance of FlexKRETE for over 10 years and don't believe there's a better concrete repair material." ~ Randy B. | TXDOT

Concrete Repair

For Commercial, Retail & Residential Applications.

Concrete Repair Material That Works

FlexKRETE is the Best Concrete Repair Material because it's fast-set, allows traffic in less than an hour, is 3-times harder than concrete, and possess excellent adhesion characteristics. With unmatched strength and endurance, It withstands extreme abuse without breaking apart, cracking, de-bonding or popping out.

The long-term concrete repair solution for deep holes, feather-edged or overlay repairs.

Using a single product, FlexKRETE enables repair to concrete, asphalt, wood or steel - on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces in a fraction of the time other methods require. Even the most severe, yet successful applications include airport runways, bridges, curbs, decks, freezer rooms, loading docks and ramps, stairways and steps, walkways and on joints in freight terminals and warehouses with the scraping and crushing brutality of loaded forklifts.


Traffic in 15 Minutes

Returning traffic to repaired areas in 15 minutes virtually eliminates downtime.

Uncomplicated Application

Our products are easy to use and customized training classes are available.

Cost Effective and Profitable

By virtually eliminating downtime, labor costs are lower and profits higher.

Unmatched Durability

3-Xs harder than concrete and lasts for decades without maintenance.

-30º to 220º Temperatures

From Alaska to Colombia, FK102 accommodates most temperatures.

Non-Toxic and Earth Friendly

Zero VOC, low odor and non-toxic - unlike most products of it’s kind - and it works.


 How to use FlexKRETE

 Visit FlexKRETE Official on YouTube to see dozens of FlexKRETE vertical, horizontal and overhead repairs that eliminate extensive labor, noise, mess and downtime, common with most concrete repair projects. Check out our 'how-to' videos as well.

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