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Increasing Yield On Deep Repairs

Yes, You Can Increase Yield On Deep Repair Jobs. Here's the case study. Contractor: Jeff Schubert, Precise Patch, Inc., Cleveland, OH. Customer: City of Lakewood, OH Problem: Large Area of Deep Joint and Road Damage Solution: Extend FlexKRETE Yield for Permanent Repair Overview  Belle Avenue had deep expansion joint damage with road surface deterioration. The repair area, including six zones, was completed in three days with two…

Use A Power Trowel To Apply FlexKrete

Power Trowel FlexKrete To Complete Projects Quickly & Smoothly. Permanently repairing large areas of damaged concrete is easily achieved quickly and efficiently when using a power trowel to apply FlexKrete. The short video clip below illustrates the general process of applying FlexKrete using a power trowel. Adjusting the type and amount of catalyst used provides…