Monthly Archives: April 2017

Elephants VS FlexKRETE

Elephants VS FlexKRETE:  It was a challenge but FlexKRETE wins the day in KC. Using their tusks, Elephants at the Kansas City Zoo kept digging into failed concrete at the joint, increasing the size of the void. Contractors used FlexKRETE's fast-set material to repair the damaged area below and provided a long-term solution for securing this…
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Multiple Depth Repairs and Mix Ratios

This bank parking lot entrance had repair depths from 1/2" to 5". Using the standard FlexKRETE mix ratio on shallow repairs, and the extended-yield mix ratio on deep voids saves time and money. Providing clients and prospects a fast, durable, and long-term concrete repair solution with little to no traffic interruption or downtime can differentiate you…
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