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Top 5 Videos and Case Studies

Here are 5 of Our Most Popular Videos. Creating and sharing new 'how-to' videos and case studies is one of our passions. There's much more to come, but these received the most traffic last year. Got a project you'd like to share? Email to submit your project. FLEXKRETE'S TOP 5 VIDEOS AND CASE STUDIES - Concrete…

Doing it Right the First Time

Just Do it Right the First Time. It's the first step in being remarkable. Successful companies share many attributes. One the most common is being remarkable, and to be remarkable, one must exceed expectations. So, the first step in being remarkable is to 'do it right the first time', whether it's a bid, presentation or project. Any entrepreneur,…

Concrete Steps Repair

Repairing Steps Has Never Been Easy - Until Now. CASE STUDY: Permanent Concrete Steps Repair Customer: United States Postal Office, Ohio Problem: Broken and Slippery Concrete Steps Solution: Permanent repair and apply non-slip surface Repair Method Remove loose concrete and debris to produce a solid, clean, dry substrate Open pail, then 'power-mix' for 60 seconds to blend thoroughly Pour and…