Pouring New Concrete Is Unnecessary

These before and after pictures are great examples of how quick, easy and profitable concrete repairs are possible with the FlexKRETE advantage of adhesion, durability, strength, and the ability to return to traffic in under an hour. Check out our concrete repair and instructional videos on FlexKRETE's YouTube Channel.

Pouring New Concrete is Unnecessary with FlexKRETE.

In the 2012 report "Best Practices for Preparing Concrete Surfaces Prior to Repairs and Overlays", the U.S. Department of the Interior cited "debonding from the concrete substrate" as "one of the biggest problems impacting the long-term performance of concrete repairs." 

FlexKRETE's superior adhesion ensures a solid bond to a clean, solid substrate and is one of the many reasons companies like Kobush Concrete in Kansas City has created a very successful concrete repair division.

The below images show great examples of how Bob Kobush and crew used FlexKRETE as the long-term solution in three different concrete repair situations. Otherwise, these projects would likely require the long and costly process of tearing out, hauling off, pouring new concrete.

Click on the below image for the HI-RES version.

flexkrete concrete repair-collage-3

For more examples of FlexKRETE's versatility including vertical and overhead repairs, see numerous before and after pictures on Kobush's Pro's Choice Concrete Products on Facebook and our Concrete Repair Blog.

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