24/7 Loading Dock Repaired in Hours, Not Days

24/7 Loading Dock Repaired in Hours, Not Days:

Getting this loading dock repaired quickly was a priority.

Downtime at 24/7 Shipping and Receiving Docks can be costly so getting the loading dock repaired quickly was a priority. U.S. Cotton minimized downtime to hours instead of days by using FlexKRETE Concrete Repair Systems.

A U.S. Cotton facility couldn't afford to lose a single dock for an extended amount of time. Jeffery Schubert, of Precise Patch in Ohio, got the call and knew he had a fast, long-term solution for not only U.S. Cotton, but the property owner, Weston, Inc., as well.

The manhole access frame and cover had completely failed, along with the surrounding surface and joints - and that was just the beginning of the repairs needed. During the repair area preparation, the crew discovered that the storm drain frame also had damage, along with the concrete frame upon which it was seated.

Loading dock repaired quickly using FlexKRETE

Jeff and his team installed a base of four (4) inches of #8 aggregate base after engineering and forming steel frames (see above pic, center image). Then, they installed two (2) inches of FlexKRETE-102 repair material power-mixed with #8 stone aggregate, and #3 kiln dried sand (silica).

This type of repair can be completed in a fraction of the time other methods require. FlexKRETE chemically bonds to concrete and it's easy to use, strong, durable, and versatile. Repair areas can be returned to traffic in as little as 15 minutes upon job completion.

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