30 Concrete Repairs Using FlexKRETE

30 Concrete Repairs Using FlexKRETE:

You may not realize it, but FlexKRETE is in use around the world at airports, theme and water parks, marinas, monuments, zoos, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge.

Over the past year, we've seen a substantial increase in contractors and airport authorities launch specific 'FlexKRETE Repair Crews'. They've even designed and built custom trailers and dedicated equipment and resources to increase efficiency.

The demand for fast concrete repair that lasts for years continues to grow. And having the right tools, equipment, and repair materials on hand is the best way to greatly reduce project downtime.

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The above video contains 30 examples of concrete repair projects, most with before and after images. The 2-minute clip features civil, commercial and residential projects including, potholes, spalls, joints, cracks, verticals, overhead and overlays on bridges, curbs, streets, turnpikes, runways, walkways, and more.

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