Accelerate Large Jobs Using A Mortar Mixer

Accelerate Large Jobs Using A Mortar Mixer:

For big jobs, using a mortar mixer is not only convenient but a big time-saver as well. This 7-Eleven C-store had a large void consisting of potholes and spalling concrete. Located on the service drive in front of the dumpsters, a week-long repair wasn't a viable option.

Our last blog featured a 7-Eleven with a much smaller repair, and how offering 'Emergency Concrete Repair' services can spark interest and lead to more work.

This 2015 repair was much larger in scope and size, including a deep void with multiple depths. It's a great example of how a 'FlexKRETE Repair Crew' (discussed in our last email and blog) can quickly make a long-lasting repair in just a few hours with little or no business disruption. The '2+ Years' picture was taken a few months ago.

The 7-Eleven is located in an area that's experiencing tremendous growth and on a major highway. As such, the store receives constant traffic from constructions crews in addition to local residents. Lots of big trucks and trailers can wreak havoc on service drives and parking lots.

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What started as a damaged joint that went unrepaired caused the concrete to spall, and quickly became a pothole. As evident in the images, it turned into a very large void of varying depths.

FlexKRETE's yield was extended by using 3-parts kiln-dried sand and 2-parts 3/8" angular gravel. Once a clean, dry substrate was achieved using a concrete saw and chipping hammer, a towable motor mixer allowed the crew to expedite the repair project.

The extended yield mixture was used to fill 95% of the void, and the final 1/4" to 1/2" of the void was filled flush to the top using the standard 3-parts kiln-dried sand.

A three-man crew completed the entire repair in a single day using FlexKRETE 102 and returned the area to all traffic within 30 minutes of project completion.

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