Concrete Barrier Repair: DFW Int’l Airport

We Keep Traffic Moving At DFW Int'l Airport.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of the world’s busiest and as such, when repairs are required, they must be long-lasting and completed quickly. A vehicle hit and drove over Terminal C’s exit traffic barrier, causing side and top structural damage. Due to its location, the airport needed to avoid closing the area to traffic.

The Phillips-May Corporation is one of the airport’s ‘go-to’ contractors for such projects, and FlexKrete is their ‘go-to’ concrete repair product because it's easy to use, has unmatched strength, durability and adhesion characteristics and the work area can be returned to traffic in as little as 15 minutes upon job completion.

This video illustrates how workers repaired the barrier without closing any lanes of traffic, which was only possible by repairing the barrier and not replacing it. A work crew completed the repair in less than 4 hours while keeping the roadway open and traffic moving. That’s a win for the DFW Airport, its travelers, the workers, and Phillips-May’s bottom line.



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