Damaged Sidewalks: Repair Now to Save Money Later

Damaged and uneven sidewalks can be hazardous and they're everywhere. 

FlexKRETE makes it easy, cost-effective, and profitable to repair walkways for the long-term. Tear-out is unnecessary and you can walk on the repaired area in 15 minutes.

Left unrepaired, damaged sidewalks become more costly to repair and can create dangerous trip hazards that increase the likelihood of liability claims.

Many times property owners are unaware of such hazards or put off repairs believing the only solution is tearing out and rebuilding by pouring new concrete.

Click on the above image for hi-res version.


The above repair can be returned to traffic in 15 minutes and completed in a few hours. FlexKRETE trained users can complete similar repairs in an hour or less.

Long-term repairs are easily achieved by simply following our step-by-step- instructions that are included with every FlexKRETE order and available on our mobile-friendly website.

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