Vertical Concrete Repair

Elephants VS FlexKRETE: 

Vertical concrete repair wins the day in KC.

Using their tusks, Elephants at the Kansas City Zoo kept digging into failed concrete at the joint, increasing the size of the void. Contractors used FlexKRETE's fast-set material to make a vertical concrete repair to the damaged area below and provided a long-term solution for securing this section of the habitat's enclosure quickly and economically. 

The above image includes four pictures, two before and two after. From left to right; un-prepped area before, cut-out prepped area before, full-length after, and a close-up, tooled-FlexKRETE after picture.

Imagine this phone call; "Hello, this is The Kansas City Zoo and the elephants keep destroying a concrete wall. Can you help?". That might not be the exact conversation Bob Kobush's team at Pro's Choice Concrete Products had with the caller, but it's definitely a problem they solved using FlexKRETE Superior Concrete Repair Material. 

Click on the below image for the HI-RES version.

Prior to FlexKRETE, other repair materials were used but failed quickly. The elephants kept returning and succeeding in tearing apart the wall. FlexKRETE withstands extreme abuse and won't crack or pop out - even when in vertical applications where elephants repeatedly attempt to damage the structure.

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