Emergency Concrete Repair

Emergency Concrete Repair:

Airports • C-Stores • Truck Stops • Docks • Drive-Thrus • Restaurants • Hospitals

The above image illustrates why Emergency Concrete Repair is in big demand. This 7-Eleven convenience store has only two entrances and closing one for an extended time wasn't a viable option. Using FlexKRETE, the job was finished in just a few hours and the area was returned to traffic within 15 minutes of repair completion.

The repair was completed in 2012. It's a great example of how a 'FlexKRETE Repair Crew' (discussed in our last email and blog) can quickly make a long-lasting repair in just a few hours with little or no business disruption. The '5+ Years' picture was taken last week.

The 7-Eleven is located on a compact lot and next to a major road. When a car wash was added near the fuel pumps, a utility trench was required. Soon after, the concrete covered trench began cracking and spalling, which led to cracks and spalls in the surrounding concrete.

This particular store has only two entrances, and the 75-foot trench stretches across one of them entirely. This is the primary entrance for delivery trucks - especially fuel tankers as underground fuel storage is accessed from this side of the facility. Tearing out and repouring new concrete would mean closing the entrance for days, decrease business, and be costly.

A two-man crew working at night completed the entire repair in a few hours using FlexKRETE 102, and returned the area to all traffic within 15 minutes of project completion.

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Emergency Concrete Repair

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