Extreme Damage Calls For An Extreme Solution

Extreme Damage Calls For An Extreme Solution:

The crushing brutality of daily forklift traffic can be repaired.

This concrete service drive could be considered 'the perfect storm" of damaged concrete and included broken joints, cracks and crumbling, de-bonding, deep voids, missing sections, spalls, and uneven surfaces.

It's a great example of how you can repair extremely damaged concrete with multiple issues using a single product. This is a high-traffic area heavy equipment moves 4000-pounds of recycled paper and other materials almost constantly.

It appears previous repairs were attempted (likely making the area unusable for days), but ultimately failed.

"We repaired and rebuilt a ramp and then overlaid it with black aluminum oxide for long-term added durability. The push 4K pound bushels of recycled paper up it all day long."

~ Dan Edwards, Kobush Concrete | Platte City, MO.

Click on the below image for the HI-RES version.

FlexKRETE provided a long-term repair solution with minimal disruption to daily facility operations as regular traffic can resume in an hour or less upon repair completion. And at 10,000 PSI, FlexKRETE withstands extreme abuse and won't crack or pop out.

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