Failed Repair: Bridge Sidewalk Repair

What an Ugly, Failed Repair.

FlexKRETE handled this bridge/sidewalk repair - rusty rebar too.

Jeff Schubert of Precise Patch in Lakewood, Ohio shared this great example of how FlexKRETE is a cost-effective solution for permanently correcting failed repairs.

Damaged walkways are hazardous and very challenging to repair - especially when it's a sidewalk - on a bridge. Complete removal, disposal, re-barring and re-pouring is expensive and time-consuming.

This video illustrates a work-zone 10' x 4.5' x 4". A previous repair failed, mainly attributable to rust. FlexPRIME is always used on horizontal repairs to promote adhesion while inhibiting moisture and corrosion. Two workers finished the job in a single day, opening the area to traffic upon completion.

Jeff and his team solved a recurring problem for their customer by providing a long-term solution with unmatched strength and durability that's immune to salt, water, and rust. That's a big win for Jeff, North Olmsted and it's taxpayers. Subscribe to FlexKrete's Newsletter 

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