“This Is Why I’m Here” Is What We Hear Most at World of Concrete – WOC2018 Recap

"This Is Why I'm Here" Is What We Hear Most at World of Concrete - WOC2018 Recap:

This was our 11th consecutive World of Concrete exhibition and as always, we had a great time visiting with old and new friends alike. Our concrete repair videos always draw a crowd and likely inspired the phrase we most often hear; "This is why I'm here."

We spoke with attendees about their specific repair challenges and FlexKRETE is already on the job providing solutions. We're busy returning calls and emails and strive to get back to everyone the same day but if you have an immediate need or question, please call Marty at (972) 964-8707.

Why is FlexKRETE the Best Concrete Repair Material? It's fast set, allows traffic in 15 minutes, is 3-times harder than concrete, and provides excellent adhesion. With unmatched strength and endurance, it withstands extreme abuse without breaking apart, cracking, de-bonding, or popping out. FlexKRETE is equally suitable for deep holes or feather-edged applications and provides a long-term solution for spalls, joints, potholes, cracks, overhead, vertical, and overlay repairs.

For eighteen years, FlexKRETE has provided concrete and structural repair solutions from San Fransisco's Golden Gate Bridge to Orlando's Universal Studios, and from runways in the Dominican Republic to docks in Alaska. For projects big or small, one product does it all - FlexKRETE.

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Questions? Call 972-964-8707 or email us at concreterepair@flexkrete.com.

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