Increasing Yield On Deep Repairs

Yes, You Can Increase Yield On Deep Repair Jobs.

Here's the case study.

Contractor: Jeff Schubert, Precise Patch, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Customer: City of Lakewood, OH

Problem: Large Area of Deep Joint and Road Damage

Solution: Extend FlexKRETE Yield for Permanent Repair


Belle Avenue had deep expansion joint damage with road surface deterioration. The repair area, including six zones, was completed in three days with two workers.

The case study image above shows three photos. 'Before' illustrates the 15-foot work zone. 'During' is a closeup that shows the deep void created by removing all damaged concrete. 'After' highlights a completed repair zone that was returned to service in 4.5 hours. Old repair methods would require tearing-out 2 concrete sections, hauling debris, replacing rebar, and pouring new concrete, resulting in 2 days of labor (min.), and roadway downtime of up to a week.

The customer wanted to open the roadway to traffic as soon as possible, so Jeff Schubert's Precise Patch, Inc in Cleveland knew FlexKrete was the only solution. But with voids 1'-7' long, 1' wide and 1"-4" deep, he developed a repair method that tripled FlexKrete's yield on this project.

"We used the new mix yesterday of 1-gallon FK102 (FlexKrete), 3-gal. sand and 3-gal. small stone and achieved great success! It doubled our output (repair material yield), and now makes us competitive on any job." ~ Jeff Schubert, Precise Patch, INC. Cleveland, OH

Yield results vary from job to job, and using a mix ratio of 1-part FlexKrete 102, 3-parts blast sand, and 3-parts small stone, Jeff states he doubled the yield of FlexKrete's repair material on this project.

Since FlexKrete bonds to itself without losing strength, Precise Patch utilized our standard ratio of 1-part FlexKrete 102 to 3-parts blast sand in the final lift (approx. half-inch from top). Using FlexKrete, Jeff exceeded the customer's expectations while increasing Precise Patch's profit.

 Repair Method: Belle Avenue

- Saw cut 2" beyond break, app. half-inch deep
- Use chipping hammer to break-up concrete between saw cuts
- Remove loose material using grinder, brush, blower, etc.
- Prime with very thin coat of FlexPrime
- Measure and mix Flexkrete with catalyst
- Mix 3-parts sand and 3-parts stone w/ catalyzed FlexKrete
- Fill void to approx. 1" from surface
- Measure and mix Flexkrete with catalyst
- Mix 3-parts sand w/ catalyzed FlexKrete
- Fill remaining void flush to surface

Material Savings

We wanted to provide our readers with a hard dollar amount that Jeff realized on this project. Using data for 1 of 6 zones repaired, Jeff stated he used only 2-gallons of FlexKrete 102 where he'd normally use 4-gallons. Based on industrial pricing, the savings is $300.00 USD per zone.

The FlexKrete Advantage

- Cost effective on any size job
- Return to traffic in 15 minutes
- Phenomenal Adhesion Characteristics
- Permanent Repair - won't crack or pop-out
- Abrasion and impact resistant
- 3 times harder than concrete
- Unaffected by inclement weather
- Virtually no temperature restrictions
- Low-odor, zero VOCs, non-toxic
- Simple step-by-step process

Call 972-964-8707 and get the FlexKrete Advantage. 

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