Long-term Spalling Concrete Repair That’s Fast

Long-term Spalling Concrete Repair That's Fast:

This large area of concrete spalls at a Lowe's Home Improvement store was repaired in less than a day using FlexKRETE-102 and opened to traffic just thirty minutes after the repair was completed.

The before-and-after image above illustrates a large area of spalling concrete on a Lowe's service drive. Once a spall develops, it will only get bigger if left unrepaired, and in high-traffic vehicle areas, spalls will become potholes. FlexKRETE's fast-set, Concrete Repair System enables durable, long-term repair in a fraction of the time other methods require. Save time - save money.

Lowe's Home Improvement Centers have leveraged FlexKRETE's versatility to repair concrete damage throughout their facilities. In addition to the spalling concrete, FlexKRETE's FK-102 has been the long-term concrete repair solution for vertical pillars at store entrances, cracks, flooring broadcast, and joint damage caused by forklifts. See a few examples below to see how one product does it all.


FlexKRETE repair applications include horizontal, vertical, overhead, overlays (slurry-broadcast/self-leveling), and broadcasts. If you need more information on any of the above concrete repair projects, just let us know we'll provide whatever you need, including all products guidelines and instruction if needed.

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