Multiple Depth Repair Mix Ratios

Bank parking lot entrance had repair depths from 1/2" to 5".

Using the standard FlexKRETE mix ratio on shallow repairs, and multiple depth repair mix ratios on deep voids save time and money.

Providing clients and prospects a fast, durable, and long-term concrete repair solution with little to no traffic interruption or downtime can differentiate you from the competition. Jeff Schubert of Precise Patch in Cleveland, Ohio provided the above images to illustrate how he repaired a deteriorating concrete apron in less than a day, making his customer extremely happy.

Here's what Jeff wrote to us:

"FlexKRETE can handle any repair regardless of depth. We repaired damaged areas on this bank apron that ranged from 1/2" to 5" in one day. FlexKRETE allowed us to not only fill the deep holes but also level a section near the sidewalk. This long-term solution was opened to traffic when we left."

Click the image below for the HI-RES version.

Using a single product, FlexKRETE's convenience provided Precise Patch the versatility of a Standard 3:1 mix ratio (3 parts clean dry sand, 1 part FK102) for shallow repairs, and an Extended Yield 3:3:1 mix ratio (3 parts clean dry sand, 3 parts 3/8" angled aggregate, 1 part FK102) for deeper voids.

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