Overhead Concrete Repair: Condo Decks

These before and after pictures show the underside of badly deteriorated decks that posed structural and safety issues from falling debris. and the how they were beautifully and completely restored using FlexKRETE.

Overhead Concrete Repair at Your Condo? No problem.

Property management companies and their contractors use FlexKRETE for a broad range of concrete repairs at their facilities. Overhead and vertical repairs using FlexKRETE provide beauty and long-term durability.

This project, completed by our Canada group, Lenta Enterprises, illustrates how decks can be completely restored with one product, FlexKRETE. It's easy to use, attains 10,000 psi and can be painted within an hour after repair completion.

This type project can be completed in hours rather than days. Also, deck topsides can be finished with our attractive and durable color chip or quartz broadcasts, allowing tenant traffic as quickly as an hour.

Click on the below image for the HI-RES version.

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