Pothole Repairs: DFW Int’l Airport

We Tackled DFW Int'l's Terminal A Bridge Pothole Repairs.

And did it in a day, not weeks.

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport north entry to the Terminal A bridge had 80+ potholes that spanned the nearly 300 feet long crossover. It's a great example of how other repair materials failed but is the ideal setting to illustrate the advantages of using FlexKRETE's fast-set, high-strength, and long-lasting Concrete Repair System for pothole repairs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.38.48 AM

This video illustrates actual pothole repairs being made while one lane of the bridge traffic remained open. Resurfacing the entire overpass was considered, but deemed too costly, time- consuming and disruptive. Using FlexKRETE,  work crew can complete this repair in a single day while keeping traffic moving. That’s a win for DFW Airport, its travelers, and the repair crew.

FlexKRETE is spec'd at DFW for concrete repair, and DFW contractors have relied on FlexKRETE for years as their ‘go-to’ concrete repair product because it's easy to use, has unmatched strength, durability, flexibility and adhesion characteristics. Additionally, the area can be returned to traffic in as little as 15 minutes upon job completion.

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