Winter Concrete Repair Is Big Money.

Here's our TOP 5 Cold Weather Applications.

With virtually no temperature restrictions, FlexKRETE allows you to work inside or outside throughout winter instead of turning down jobs due to cold weather. Even at thirty degrees below zero (-30° F), freezer-room applications are common.

Contractors using FlexKRETE report an abundance of inside work repairing breaks, cracks, control & expansion joints, divots, holes, and spalls -- on floors, loading docks, stairs & steps, walls, and ceilings -- in airports, manufacturing plants, retail stores, schools, warehouses and more.

Check out a few examples below.

FlexKRETE can be used in virtually hundreds of concrete repair situations in any climate, but these five are contractor favorites.

#1 - PARKING GARAGES - Okay, most parking garages aren't climate controlled but at least you'll be dry and out the wind. In this video, Jon Vilhauer of Versatile Coatings illustrates this type of repair. FlexKrete has repaired holes for the Dallas Galleria and created 'speed-bumps' in numerous parking structures.

#2 - WAREHOUSES -With countless millions of square feet, general warehouse facilities are in constant need of quick and lasting concrete repair. Pollack Paper relies on FlexKRETE for repairs including, joints, docks, spalls, cracks and more.

#3 - BIG BOX AND RETAIL -  COSTCO stores maintain impeccable facilities including floors. Crews can repair even large areas overnight without business disruption. FlexKRETE can be polished and used with color-quartz.

#4 - FOOD PROCESSING PLANTS - Multinational companies Nestle and Tyson are 2 of the largest food companies in the world, and both depend on FlexKrete for numerous quick and lasting concrete repairs throughout facilities. What works for them works for smaller companies too, and FlexKRETE is extremely cost-effective.

#5 - FREEZER AND COLD ROOMS - Based in Atlanta, Americold specializes in temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation, and is considered a pioneer of modern commercialized temperature-controlled perishable goods storage. As FlexKrete is a pioneer in modern concrete repair and works in -30° (F), we were the perfect concrete repair solution for Americold. Like food processing plants, there are numerous temperature-controlled opportunities in most areas.

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