Hazard Repair and Decorative Coating

Severe Hazard Repair and Decorative Coating in Hours.

Customer: United States Postal Service (USPS)

Problem: Gaping void and trip hazard at doorway

Solution: Permanent concrete repair with non-slip coating



The above before photo illustrates a very deep and wide void that is obviously dangerous, and could result in serious injuries. This type of hazard renders entries and exits unuseable. Using FlexKrete, areas like these can be repaired and returned to service in a few hours.



- Open and clean break

- Prime with thin coat of FlexPrime

- Mix sand 3:1 w/ catalyzed FlexKrete, fill flush to smooth surface

- Clean and prime risers and verticals

- Mix fumed silica and catalyzed FlexKrete 1:1

- Roll onto verticals, immediately broadcast desired aggregate

- Clean and prime horizontals, roll on catalyzed FlexKrete

- Immediately broadcast to refusal

- Allow to cure and apply durable FlexAspartic clear sealer



FlexKrete           $225

FlexPrime            $15

Color Quartz       $25

FlexAspartic         $50

TOTAL               $315



- Return to traffic in 15 minutes

- Phenomenal Adhesion Characteristics

- Permanent Repair - won't crack or pop-out

- Abrasion and impact resistant

- 3 times harder than concrete
- Unaffected by inclement weather

- Virtually no temperature restrictions

- Low-odor, zero VOCs, non-toxic

Questions? Call 972-964-8707 or email us at concreterepair@flexkrete.com.

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