How to Repair Potholes Permanently

Potholes, potholes, potholes.

Just fix them already.

They ruin tires and wheels and never seem to be fixed correctly. FlexKrete repairs are permanent and will accept traffic in as little as 15 minutes.

CUSTOMER: Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, TX.

PROBLEM: Airport runway, joint break resulting in pothole

SOLUTION: Permanent joint and pothole repair using FlexKrete


Repair Method

1. Cut around broken area (pothole), remove all broken and loose pieces

2. Blow or vacuum dirt and dust from void

3. Apply very thin coat of FlexPrime and allow to tack

4. Catalyze FlexKrete with catalyst, mixing in 3 parts kiln  dried sand

5.Trowel in place, groove or tine as needed



1. Permanent Repair - won't crack or pop out

2. Compressive strength, abrasion/impact resistant, resilient, many times that of concrete

3. Not affected by inclement weather, rain, freeze  and thermal shock


Material Costs and Completion Time (Approximate)
FlexKrete              $45.00
FlexPrime                2.00
Sand                       1.50

TOTAL            $48.50


Completion Time: 1.0 hour (estimated)

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