Polyaspartics are the cutting edge of coating technology, combining the best characteristics of urethane and epoxy. UV problems are eliminated, it's extremely hard, durable and flexible.

Not only is it used for floors (concrete, color chips, quartz, etc), it's also used on wood, steel and more.

FlexAspartic85 is 85% solids, yielding 200-800 s.f. per-gallon depending on thickness application and can be applied by squeegee in very thin coats for glass-like or matte finishes.Typically, FlexAspartic85 yields 136 s.f. per-gallon at 10-mils.

An outstanding feature of this product is its exceptionally quick cure time - ready for traffic in 1 to 2 hours.

Available in 1.5-Gallon and 3-Gallon Kits. ORDER