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If your customers are D.O.T.'s, airports, municipalities, county, state, federal agencies, industrial plants, schools, real estate management, retail, restaurants, commercial, warehouse, transportation, food processors, or anyone needing concrete repair, FlexKRETE is the solution.

From small potholes to major highway and bridge repair, FlexKRETE is the most versatile, dependable, durable and long-lasting concrete repair product in the world.

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There are virtually countless places and ways to use FlexKRETE. It's not only approved for bridges, streets, tollways, curbs, decks, stairways, driveways, warehouse floors, docks, ramps, freezer rooms and more, it’s actually spec’d.

The FlexKRETE Advantage 

Easy to use, cost-effective, 3-times harder than concrete and able to return to traffic in less than an hour means you save time and increase profits quickly. Contractors using FlexKRETE report completing more jobs in less time and getting work they've never had before.

For information about the FlexKrete Advantage, call FlexKRETE at 972-964-8707.