Overlays, Slurry-Broadcast, and Self-Leveling Applications

OVERLAYS | Slurry-Broadcast/Self-leveling


  1. CLEAN SURFACE: Cut or chip vertical lip around repair area to 1/4” depth or more. Remove dirt, debris, paint and contaminants to produce a clean, dry solid base. Mechanically clean area with blaster, scarifier, chipping hammer, grinder or wire wheel as needed. Vacuum or blow clean to remove excess dust.
  1. FLEXPRIME: Mix equal parts A & B, then apply very thin coat to prepped area using a brush, roller or sprayer (avoid puddles/ridges). Thin with up to 1-part acetone for easy application and penetration. Allow FlexPrime to become very tacky before applying FlexKRETE.
  1. FLEXKRETE: Open pail and power-mix for 60 seconds w/ corded drill to disperse material.
  1. MEASURE FLEXKRETE: Measure and pour amount needed into clean mixing pail.
  1. CATALYZE: Loosen catalyst bottle lid, fill chamber with amount needed. Remove lid and pour catalyst into mixing pail, power-mix for 60 seconds.
  1. MEASURE & ADD AGGREGATE: Add 1.5 to 2-parts clean dry sand into mixing pail containing catalyzed FlexKRETE, then power-mix until well blended.
  1. APPLY MATERIAL: Pour ribbon of slurry-mix onto repair area.using a notched squeegee or gauge rake, applying the material to desired depth. Immediately broadcast with aggregate and allow to cure.

NOTE: For Self-Leveling: Leave alone, or for a fine slurry-broadcast repair,       immediately broadcast with aggregate and allow to cure.