City of Plano, Texas: Curb


FLEXKRETE-before-and-after-median-curb-repair 2

CASE STUDY: Permanent Nose Median Repair

Customer: City of Plano, Texas

Problem: Broken nose medians from constant impact of traffic (tires)

Solution: Permanent repair with FlexKrete which endures constant traffic

Repair Method 

  1. Remove loose concrete and debris to produce a solid, clean, dry substrate
  2. As joint runs under the curb, cut rebar to allow for natural movement
  3. Open pail, then "power-mix" for 60 seconds to blend thoroughly
  4. Pour and mix ½ pint of FlexKrete resin with designated catalyst for 30 seconds
  5. Brush onto surface as prime coat and allow to "tack" to occur
  6. Pour and mix 2 quarts FlexKrete resin with designated amount of catalyst, for 30 seconds
  7. Add 6 quarts (3:1) kiln dried 20-50 mesh sand, 2 quarts fumed silica, mix for 60 seconds
  8. Place board or cardboard at back of repair to act as form
  9. Place material into void and trowel smooth with stainless trowel
  10. Cut or slice joint through middle of curb
    Clean tools with acetone

Material Costs and Completion Time (Approximate)

FlexKrete            $37.50
Fumed Silica         0.50
Sand                       1.00

TOTAL              $39.00

Completion Time: 45 minutes

For information call FlexKrete at 972-964-8707. 


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