Golden Gate Bridge

PROJECT: Golden Gate Bridge

CUSTOMER: Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District

PROBLEM: Sinking, eroding and deteriorating toll lanes

SOLUTION: Permanent repair of all 11 toll lanes with FlexKrete


Repairing One of the Most Iconic Structures in the World
We've never backed down from a challenge, or failed to provide a structural repair solution. So, we were quite excited when the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District in San Francisco turned to FlexKrete about solving the iconic landmark's numerous damaged toll lanes in 2006. That was nearly nine years ago, and FlexKrete's repair is still going strong today.

All eleven 12'x50' toll lanes, all in various stages of sinking, eroding and deteriorating, required a permanent solution.

Toll lanes with damaged and sunken areas ranging from one-half inch (1/2") to six inches (6") deep were repaired and filled with FlexKrete.


- Return to traffic in 15 minutes
- Permanent Repair - won't crack or pop-out
- Abrasion and impact resistant
- 3 times harder than concrete
- Unaffected by inclement weather
- Virtually no temperature restrictions

For information call FlexKrete at 972-964-8707. 


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