Lowe’s Store: Spalls

CASE STUDY: Repairing Spalls Permanently 

Customer: Lowe's Home Improvement, U.S.A.

Problem: Concrete spalls and damage from forklifts

Solution: Permanent repair of spalled area


Repair Method

  • Remove loose and hollow sounding concrete with concrete scarifier, milling machine, grinder or blasting machine. Void test by dragging chain or "pinging" with hammer. A clean, white, rough, solid substrate should be attained
  • Use diamond blade saw to establish perimeter by cutting 1/2" vertical 'key' with 45º slope from inside. A symmetrical surface is desired
  • Route cracks with crack chaser a minimum 1/2" deep to prepare for filling
  • Blow or vacuum all dust and debris from cracks and prepped areas
  • Using pressurized spray-gun, apply thin coat coat of FlexPrime, leaving no puddles or       ridges. Apply only enough FlexPrime to darken concrete and allow to tack
  • Mix 2 parts sand with 1 part catalyzed FlexKrete and force flush into cracks with trowel
  • Mix 3 parts sand with 1 part catalyzed FlexKrete, fill spall areas and smooth with trowel, fresno or screed, extending to and forcing material into perimeter 'key"

Material Costs and Completion Time (Approximate)

FlexKrete            $675.00
Sand                         51.00
FlexSealer               50.00
FlexPrime               40.00

TOTAL             $817.00

Completion Time: 2.0 hours

For information call FlexKrete at 972-964-8707. 

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