FlexKRETE Concrete Repair Products

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FlexKRETE Concrete Repair Products

FlexKRETE102 Concrete Repair


FlexKRETE Five-Gallon Pail

  • 1 - FlexKRETE102 five-gallon in steel pail
  • Includes catalyst
  • Yields app. 3 cu. ft. of repair material*

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*Requires sand and primer


FlexKRETE QuickStart Kit: Ships in 5-gallon plastic pail

  • 1 - FlexKRETE102 one-gallon w/ catalyst
  • 1 - FlexPrime 12 oz. Kit
  • 1 - Three-gallons 20-50 mesh blast sand
  • 1 - Plastic measuring container
  • Yields app. 3/4 cu.ft. or 3.5-gal. of repair material



FlexKRETE IndustrialPac

  • 1 - FlexKRETE102 5-gallon w/ catalyst
  • 1 - FlexPrime 2-quart Kit
  • 4 - 50# bags of 20-50 mesh blast sand
  • 2 - Plastic measuring containers
  • Yields app. 3 cu.ft. or 20 -gal. of repair material





FlexPrime, when used with FlexKrete, penetrates concrete and blocks moisture*, can be used over 'green concrete' and seals rusty rebar and steel corrosion.

FlexPrime is packaged in 2-gallon, 2-quart and 12 oz. kits.

*see data sheet

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FlexKRETE Catalyst

FlexKRETE Catalyst is included with every FlexKRETE 102 order, as it's required to allow FlexKRETE to cure. Additional FK Catalyst can be purchased needed.

FlexKRETE Catalyst is packaged in measuring bottles containing 7.5 ounces and is enough to catalyze one 5-gallon pail of FlexKRETE.






FlexTemp Additive allows FlexKRETE to set up as quickly as 5 minutes in moderate weather and allows FlexKrete to be used in temperatures below 0° (F).

FlexTemp is packaged in measuring bottles containing 5 ounces and is enough to catalyze one 5-gallon pail of FlexKRETE



Kiln Dried Sand




Kiln Dried Sand is the best aggregate for use with FlexKRETE 102. It's packaged in a 50# paper bag to ensure the aggregate remains dry.  Mix 3-parts Kiln Dried Sand (20/50 mesh) 1-part FlexKRETE 102 for most flat FlexKRETE applications.

Consult with FlexKRETE Technologies or your distributor to determine amounts needed.

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Fumed Silica (for vertical and overhead repairs) 





Fumed Silica is packaged in a 10# bag and is used with FlexKRETE when vertical and overhead repairs are made.

Consult with FlexKRETE Technologies or your distributor to determine amounts needed.


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FlexAspartic85 combines the best characteristics of urethane and epoxy. UV problems are eliminated, it's extremely hard, durable and flexible. Perfect for floors (concrete, color chips, quartz, etc), as well as wood, steel and more. Rapid cure time provides for traffic in 1 - 2 hours. FlexAspartic 85 is 85% solids, yielding between 175-775 s.f. per-gallon. Squeegee- apply very thin coats for glass-like or matte finishes. Typically, FlexAspartic85 yields 136 s.f. per-gallon at 10-milsAvailable in 1.5-Gallon and 3-Gallon Kits. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

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FlexSealer 1000

FlexSealer 1000 is an advanced, aqueous copolymer, used as a final seal coat on broadcast systems and over other coatings such as epoxies, urethanes and the like to enhance color and provide gloss for stone, wood and masonry products, as well as a clear sealer for stamped concrete, epoxy stone and other decorative systems.  FlexSealer 1000 may be used on masonry products, wood, steel, fiberglass, plastic, and FlexKRETE.

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PolyureaSeal 100

PolyureaSeal 100 is a 100% solids, high elongation, VOC free, polyurea sealant, used in horizontal saw-cut & preformed joints, on concrete and asphalt in high traffic areas, food processing, cold storage, chemical plants, parking structures, shipping & transportation, poultry & meat plants and the like. Packaged in 600 ml, dual cartridges, 2-gallon kits and 10-gallon kits.  Dual cartridge guns also available with order.