Quick Start Guide

FlexKrete QUICK START Guide

  1. Clean and Prep Surface: Remove loose concrete, paint and contaminants, producing a solid, clean, dry, base. For vehicular traffic, saw-cut or chip symmetrical, vertical edge around perimeter.
  2. Apply FlexPrime: Mix equal parts A and B, brush, spray, or roll on entire surface, a very thin coat. No puddles or ridges. Allow the primer to “tack” to a very sticky state. To speed this cure process dramatically, a torch may be used to heat the concrete first, especially in cold weather.
  3. Mix FlexKrete: Open pail, mix thoroughly using power drill with metal square mixing paddle to evenly disperse settlement.
  4. Measure Material: Determine amount of FlexKrete needed, then measure and pour into the mixing container.
  5. Add Catalyst: See label on FlexKrete Catalyst bottle for amount of catalyst needed. Loosen lid over measuring chamber and squeeze bottle to required amount. Remove lid and pour into mixing bucket with FlexKrete. Power mix for 30 seconds.
  6. Measure and Add Sand: For general horizontal applications, add 3 to 3½ parts clean, dry, blast sand to 1 part FlexKrete, and mix for 60 seconds. (Different aggregates and proportions may be used, depending on job requirements).
  7. Pour Into Void: Fill flush and trowel, screed or pat smooth. (Sprinkle sand over damp FlexKrete repaired surface to remove tack).


Tape around perimeter. Trowel into place. Remove tape immediately. Always retain joint. For heavy traffic, key-in perimeter with ½” saw cut.


ALWAYS, mix in clear catalyst first, THEN, mix in the FlexTemp for 30 seconds.

NEVER, combine the two! Mix separately. See label for amount to add.


  1. Color Matching - More sand makes mix tan, less sand makes it gray. Use clear FlexKrete for a brownish look. Use a rubbing stone to give new concrete appearance.
  2. Keep trowels clean with acetone for easier troweling.
  3. Press material down into void with trowel.
  4. Always retain joints for continued movement. Insert spacer board, repair around joint, remove board and fill,  joint, OR, repair & fill with FlexKrete, then, cut joint back in and fill.
  5. Keep all lines straight and symmetrical.
  6. Apply FlexPrime in VERY thin coat, with no puddles.