Concrete Steps Repair

Repairing Steps Has Never Been Easy - Until Now.

CASE STUDY: Permanent Concrete Steps Repair

Customer: United States Postal Office, Ohio

Problem: Broken and Slippery Concrete Steps

Solution: Permanent repair and apply non-slip surface

Repair Method

  • Remove loose concrete and debris to produce a solid, clean, dry substrate
  • Open pail, then 'power-mix' for 60 seconds to blend thoroughly
  • Pour and mix ½ pint of FlexKrete resin with designated catalyst for 30 seconds
  • Brush onto surface as prime coat and allow to 'tack'
  • Pour and mix 2 quarts FlexKrete resin with 1 ounce of catalyst, for 30 seconds
  • Add 4 quarts kiln dried 20-50 mesh sand, 4 quarts fumed silica, mix for 60 seconds
  • Place material into void and trowel smooth with stainless trowel
  • Allow to set

Apply FlexKrete Non-skid Coating

  • Clean steps to produce a solid, clean, dry substrate
  • Combine 1 pint FlexPrime 'A' with 1 pint FlexPrime 'B' and power mix for 30 seconds
  • Roll very thin, smooth coat onto surface without puddles or ridges
  • Allow to tack for approximately 30 minutes
  • Measure and pour proper amount of FlexKrete 'for risers only' (75-100 sf/gal) into clean dry mixing container
  • Add designated amount of catalyst and power-mix for 30 seconds
  • Add equal parts fumed silica and power-mix for 30 seconds
  • Immediately broadcast color quartz into wet FlexKrete until desired coverage is achieved
  • Blow loose loose material from area; measure and pour FlexKrete needed for 'HORIZONTALS'
  • Add  designated amount of catalyst and power mix for 30 seconds
  • Roll very thin, smooth coat onto surface, without puddles or ridges
  • Broadcast desired color quartz to refusal
  • Allow to cure, then remove excess quartz granules
  • With pump sprayer, apply FlexKrete Sealer in 1-2 coates as desired

Material Costs and Completion Time (Approximate)

FlexKrete            $112.50
Fumed Silica            0.50
Sand                       1.00

Color Quartz            49.00

FlexSealer               25.00
TOTAL                 $188.00

Completion Time: 1.5 hours

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